Love Deep

HopeX Hangouts

Don't do life alone!

Our world is moving fast and finding life-giving friendships can be tough at times. The temptation to not even try is real! But don’t give up! You can’t do life with everyone, but we can create a world where everyone has someone to do life with.


HopeX Hangouts are opportunities to forge lifelong friendships where you can be fully known and truly loved. Hangouts are where we pray for each other and support each other. These gatherings take place every week for 12weeks. A Hangout turns a crowd into a community!

At HopeX Hangouts you can find 👀:

Safe spaces for belonging at HopeX Church
A community where its easy to make friends
Prayer and support

The Hangouts

4th Sunday Potluck

A Hangout for Food and Friends

We Outside Saturdays

A Hangout for the Entire Family

This Is Us

A Hangout for Married Couples

Picnics & Playdates

A Hangout for Families with Young Children (Ages 0-5)

Mindful Monday

A Hangout for Small Business Owners