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Our Vision

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We believe Hope has a name, Jesus! Our Sunday gatherings are called "Weekend Experiences" because we want people to experience the hope of Jesus each weekend. We believe that when you experience the hope of Jesus, you'll find a rich and satisfying life. Everything we do is with this goal in mind.

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One of our basic human needs is for human connection. That’s because we all want to be fully known and truly loved! We’re on a journey of learning how to love well. Your life will begin to flourish when you build friendships that are both life-giving, honest and long-lasting.

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Live Wide is about living the God-dream, yet discovering that the essence of life is leveraging our unique fingerprints to leave a lasting mark on our world, for the glory of God and for generations to come.

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Jesus is Our Hope

To experience hope is not a matter of wishful thinking, but rather firmly grasping a truth that has the power to break us free from the bondage of helplessness. It is a realization that the fulfillment we spend our lives searching for is found in Jesus!

Love is Our Way

What if we thought differently about the people we were called to reach? What if instead of only thinking of people as "lost," we made it our mission to see them, first, as loved? Lost might be their location but loved is their identity.

Laughter is Our Fuel

Laughter is a gift from God. We were created to worship and enjoy God! The enemy of our soul wants us to believe that "fun" can only be found in things outside of God's will. That couldn't be further from the truth! God is not the killer of joy! He's the source of it!

Honor is Our Posture

Church is not just a place. It's a collective-a people, of all ethnic backgrounds, where are differences are celebrated and not just tolerated or ignored. We bring heaven to earth when we honor people of all ages, stages, races and cultures.

Our Story

Paul and Jenny have a heart for creating safe spaces for people who don't have it all "figured out." Paul has been serving in Pastoral leadership within the local church for over a decade with degrees in both Biblical Studies & Psychology. He is passionate about helping people heal from trauma and find hope in Jesus!

Jenny is multi-lingual and a lover of people. She speaks five languages and has a BA in Communications, as well as her Master's in Business Administration She has over a decade of experience in administration, operations and HR. She enjoys all things cooking, fashion and discipleship!

Jenny and Paul find joy leading, empowering and influencing the next generation. They have partnered with the Association of Related Churches to launch a healthy, safe, life-giving, multi-cultural, multi-generational, spirit-filled church in Lawrenceville, GA.

"If you're not really into religion, it's ok. To be honest, neither are we. Our vision is to create a place where people can Experience Hope and learn to Love Deep + Live Wide. It'll be a safe place for you and your family to explore faith and experience God."   -Pastor Paul

We see a church full of people so radically changed by God's love, they would stop at nothing to see others found by that same love. We see a church that reflects heaven in the way we honor people of all ages stages, races and cultures.

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